About Amy

I'm a tattoo artist native to Baltimore, Maryland. I love to travel and welcome the chance to visit other studios. Please inquire if interested in hosting me at your studio, or getting work done with me in other states/countries as I always want to expand my network of amazing people.


My tattoo work explores mostly organic themes, i.e. Nature, Animals, People/Faces; It is ever evolving, and I'm trying to find my signature style. To brand my tattoo 'look,' I'm quite selective about the projects I choose; as I not only want the tattoo to flow and be a solid tattoo but something that I can put my heart into. I find that it is to the benefit of everyone involved if I'm excited to move forward with a project. My best clients are ones who give me a lot of creative freedom with their tattoos and trust that I will deliver a solid final product. 


Most of my education comes from The School of Hard Knocks. So far, I hold nothing more than a high school diploma. I've studied art all my life, but mostly on my own, with the encouragement of my family. As a little girl, all I ever wanted to do was to draw.


I took many outside classes for art as a child, and when my parents felt it was time to elevate my professional skills, they enrolled me in an out of county magnet high school: Carver Center for Arts and Technology. (Now, George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology). I gained most of my foundation in the arts from Carver and graduated in 1999. 

After high school, I attended three years at MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art). I was working towards a Bachelor's in Illustration. However, I left in 2002... never to finish. 

Although I'm not a graduate of MICA, I do feel that the education I gained there, studying illustration, aids me in transforming my client's ideas into a solid tattoo/artwork. 


 Tattoo Magazine: October 2015, Issue 314.