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Travel and Guest-Visits

This is where to see all my travel plans for the future. If you see an opportunity for us to work together, please be sure to submit a work request located at the bottom of the Contact page.

Thank you in advance for your interest!


I absolutely love visiting my friend Jake Kirk's studios. There is both a Duncannon (PA) and Mechanicsburg (PA) location. I typically try to plan a few days at each location. 

If you are a Pennsylvania resident and want to work with me, please click here and be routed back to my "Contact" page; Scroll to the bottom of the page (or take a moment to read about the type of work I like to do) and fill out a request form. 


Important: Be sure to put (PA) before your name as you fill out the form. This lets me know that you are interested in booking my travel dates to Rapture.


Thank you! 


Paradise Gatherings

Paradise Gatherings are beautiful events where artists gather to network, make art and get continued education.

This year, this event, will be a tattoo convention (very select group of artists) as well as educational seminars for both tattoo artists and those aspiring. Get tickets here.

At this event (October of 2023) I will be giving two seminars: 

*Gone Fishing 

How to catch an Apprenticeship and lure a Mentor

This FREE seminar, will be for all those who are in search of mentorship in the art of tattooing. Tips and tricks on how to "bait" your hook (so to speak) will be offered, as well as a free portfolio review for 2 lucky artists.

*No Regrets

The Art of Consulting

(How to set professional boundaries and manage expectations)

As an artist of 15 + years, I've had to learn most things the hard way. In this $30 seminar, you'll learn how to avoid certain hiccups within client relations; Get outlines on how to guide a client into the tattoo of both their dream and yours.


Let's fall in love with people again!

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