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Thoughts Beyond the Pale

Yup!... I have a blog site too.

If you're here, it's more than likely that you're interested in me, Amy C Nicholls, beyond tattoos. Perhaps you're a fellow creative, looking to collaborate? Perhaps you'd like to 'meet' your artist a bit before working together? Whatever the reason, I'm grateful for your interest and hope that I can keep it. If, within doing this deep dive into my work, art, thoughts, etc... You find that you're less happy than when you started, that might be a sign; I'll leave it to you to interpret.


I always want to be honest. Transparency builds trust and I think this is a good way I can share with my audience. To me, it's not the loud-mouth that is worth getting too upset or scared of. At least loud-mouths can be heard and seen from a ways away.


I want everyone to have the opportunity to make solid choices about the time spent in this life. Time is our most precious commodity and it feels best spending it with people we like (or at the very least, respect). 


I started writing a blog because I think a lot; Too much at times. I also started one so that I could practice being seen. 

As an artist, being seen and learning how to see is so essential. We learn that all things are determined by perspective. To grow, it's important to move, look again and again and get uncomfortable sometimes. Critique is vital and it expands perception (lest we end up in an echo chamber of our own making; Whilst that can be a comfy cage, it's still a cage all the same.)

Along with blogging, I also started to share my time nude modeling. Again, I don't

share my body to be gratuitous, but rather to exemplify my willingness to be seen

I like being able to look and honor what I have, regardless of societal standards and

just be. Within modeling, I've played with many forms of expression, some "sexier" 

then others. "Sexy" is not typically my goal, but as I think it's a common goal, it's 

worth exploring. My favorite photos are playful and have a rawness about them. I

like collaborating with many kinds of artist and since I'm not the best photographer,

being the subject seemed the next best thing to taking the photo. So many

photographers need willing subjects. I should know because without people who

want tattoos, I wouldn't have a career.                                                                                                     To work with Xavier, click here.

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I'm always wanting to grow and expand my artistic expressions. Writing isn't a big strength of mine and I genuinely want to be better at it. If you have notes about my writing, please contact me via my blog site, or through my Medium Account

~Thank you~

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