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Accepting Preferred Projects


Thank you for your interest in my work.  

If you've gotten this far, please read a bit about my process:


*I manage all of my tattoo projects and emails myself and I only take on select projects; Therefore, it may take a while for me to respond to your request. Please be patient! Please note: I do not guarantee a reply. I do my best to manage requests, but if I can't see myself in the project, I will not reply.

In my tattoo career I’ve explored many art styles, and even more numerous subject-matter. Despite my ability to tattoo most anything, I’ve found that I’m best suited to do tattoos when they meet the following criteria:


*No size limit. I think big, therefore, I prefer to have little or no size limitations. I will do smaller tattoos, but they have to be proportionate to the body. 


*I’m most interested in tattooing the following subject-matter: faces/figures, animals, bugs, birds, flowers (organic life), sea creatures, outer space, and fantasy characters. I also like most theological based ideas. 


*I’m least interested in tattooing: machinery, bio-mechanical tattoos, tribal tattoos, compasses, clocks, faux clothing, or script. 


*I will not combine too many elements in one tattoo. The tattoo has to flow and be artful. If I feel that the tattoo project seeks to join too many thoughts together (which simply don’t go together), I won’t accept the project. 


 *I enjoy the following tattoo styles: watercolor, illustrational, trash polka, expressive/painterly, and surrealism. (I enjoy these styles, but they do not encompass my personal design style.)

COVID-19 Information:

*Because I work in a private studio space, I don't require my clients to wear masks. As a measure of respect and empathy, I will happily accommodate my clients in wearing a mask myself (so as to keep my clients comfortable and breathing fresh air). I just ask that I be informed of this measure during our consultation.


It's important to breath and have access to food and water during a tattoo. It goes beyond what I would recommend, to ask my clients to wear face coverings. I, myself, am not concerned about catching ill and only ask that everyone keep communication open and honest when dealing with matters of health; I make a promise to always cancel if I'm sick (and to quarantine for 2 weeks) and to inform my clients of the 2 weeks prior. I ask the same curtesy of my clients. Let us all help each other stay safe and truly be kind.


My studio is small and because it's appointment only, I'm able to thoroughly wiped down surfaces and common-used items. It's very clean!

*I do not tattoo anyone under the age of 18.

* Larger pieces that offer creative freedom receive priority.


* All projects are custom and therefore, pricing and duration of a tattoo will be discussed in a consultation. 

*If your project requires multiple sessions, I usually prefer not to leave too much time between the sessions; If your project is accepted, I ask my clients to save the money first ( have the necessary budget) and then book all required appointments.


Thanks so much for reading, I hope this was helpful to you. Please follow me on Instagram (@anichollstattoos) as I'm regularly posting there.


Beyond the Pale Art Studio

Sykesville, MD

~Amy C Nicholls~


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