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Accepting Preferred Projects


Thank you for your interest in my work.  

If you've gotten this far, please read a bit about my process:


*I manage all of my tattoo projects and emails myself and I only take on select projects; Therefore, it may take a while for me to respond to your request. Please be patient! Please note: I do not guarantee a reply. I do my best to manage requests, but if I can't see myself in the project, I will not reply.

In my tattoo career I’ve explored many art styles, and even more numerous subject-matter. Despite my ability to tattoo most anything, I’ve found that I’m best suited to do tattoos when they meet the following criteria:


*No size limit. I think big, therefore, I prefer to have little or no size limitations. I will do smaller tattoos, but they have to be proportionate to the body. 


*I’m most interested in tattooing the following subject-matter: faces/figures, animals, bugs, birds, flowers (organic life), sea creatures, outer space, and fantasy characters. I also like most theological based ideas. 


*I’m least interested in tattooing: machinery, bio-mechanical tattoos, tribal tattoos, compasses, clocks, faux clothing, or script. 


*I will not combine too many elements in one tattoo. The tattoo has to flow and be artful. If I feel that the tattoo project seeks to join too many thoughts together (which simply don’t go together), I won’t accept the project. 


 *I enjoy the following tattoo styles: watercolor, illustrational, trash polka, expressive/painterly, and surrealism. (I enjoy these styles, but they do not encompass my personal design style.)

Some Information You Should Know

*At this time, I'm not working. I don't have a home studio and will have to put all on pause until I can find a new place of employment. Please forgive this pause to my work. I will do all I can to get back into the flow of things after we are beyond COVID-19.

*I do not tattoo anyone under the age of 18.

* Larger pieces that offer creative freedom receive priority.


* All projects are custom and therefore, pricing and duration of a tattoo will be discussed in a consultation. 

*If your project requires multiple sessions, I usually prefer not to leave too much time between the sessions; If your project is accepted, I ask my clients to save the money first ( have the necessary budget) and then book all required appointments.


Thanks so much for reading, I hope this was helpful to you. Please follow me on Instagram (@anichollstattoos) as I'm regularly posting there.


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~Amy C Nicholls~


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