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On June 25th, 2019, I started The Apprenticeship Diaries IG page (starting with this image that you see to your left) and on September 1st, 2019, I published our first podcast (RSS feed hosted by Podbean). 

This podcast was created for many reasons; To list a few: 

  • I (Amy Nicholls; Host and founder of the podcast) love to talk and have been trying to be better at speaking (Communicating) all my life.

  • Technology keeps changing and with that change there's a need to confront the future. Podcasting is unregulated for the most part and with this medium and the freedom it yields, there can be much growth. For myself, personally, it's a way to confront my fears.

  • Legacy is important. As we all get older and sadly, as some leave this Earth, the value in documentation rises. Personally, I've always wanted to journal and doing a podcast seemed the best way to stay accountable. It's also another way to create and play with the world.

  • Lastly, my hopes are that people see more of themselves in others. This isn't just my diary, but a collection of professional, learning journeys. There's so much talent in the world and it would be awesome if more people could look at this life and rather than constantly seeing all that needs fixing, recognize what we have; How powerful we all are if we simply take the time to fall in love with the process.


The Apprenticeship Diaries

A podcast about beginnings; How the tattoo artists (and professionals) we revere, got their start. What it took, what it takes, and the stories that are made!

The Mission:

This podcast is about learning journeys. We (Amy and Rico) interview people who have braved the unknown; People who can offer, through their story/stories, communion and coping, for those who dare to pursue passion. 

Remember: The only difference between you and your mentors is time and how much you want to get the fuck out of your own way!

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