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Let me aid you in healing your new tattoo!

This page was made to supplement the tattoo experience and avoid the risk of being without healing information. I, Amy C Nicholls, will always offer you written care instructions for your tattoo, but in the event that those care instructions get lost, damaged... eaten by the dog... This page is for your reference.

Care Instructions, Specific to Your Needs

You will either be bandaged with a plastic wrap or with a dermal shield (their are various name brands of either choice). Your healing options will be discussed after the tattoo is complete and you will be advised on how best to heal your new tattoo.


It's Important to know what a tattoo does in the skin...


I came from the hair world and am an artist; I have indulged many things for beauty's sake. They mean it when they say, "Pain is Beauty" and what's more is that the "pain" of a tattoo isn't the only hurdle when "they" say this. 

For more information about what tattooing is and how it affects the body, please click on this image here and watch a short video. (Give it a "like" too as it's a lovely animation that shares much.)  

I don't get to tell you what is okay for you and I need you to know the risks you take as I can only work within the knowledge I have. However, please note that I'm tattooed and the risks that you'd be taking are risks that I'm taking too. If nothing else, we'll all be in the same boat together. :)

God Bless!

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Never hesitate to ask questions concerning the healing process of our tattoo (I will only advise on work I have done). These are the best ways to reach out to me regarding healing questions/concerns:

Please shoot me a text at this number:


This is my business line. I never take requests for work or gather references regarding tattoo projects, via this mode of contact. If you use this contact for any other purpose other than inquiring about healing or informing your artist of an immediate issue that may affect your scheduled service, i.e. "I'm running late to my appointment", please expect your text to be unanswered.

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