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Maryland Law


Any procedure that involves penetrating the skin, such as body piercing or tattooing, carries some risks.

The risks from such procedures include: pain, bleeding, swelling, infection at the site of the procedure, transmission of blood-borne infections, scarring, and nerve damage.

The technician performing your procedure should:

* Obtain written consent for the procedure.

* Properly wash his/her hands.

* Cleanse your skin.

* Use sterile instruments, equipment, and bandages.

* Use proper technique to prevent infection at the site of the procedure.

* Provide you with written instructions to tell you what to expect about healing and how you should care for the area after the procedure has been done."

(2) An individual who performs a procedure that penetrates the skin or mucous membrane may not:

(a) Perform a procedure on skin or mucous membrane that has a rash, infection, or other lesion;

(b) Perform a procedure when the person performing the procedure has an infected or bleeding lesion on the hands;

(c) Use a styptic pencil or alum block to staunch bleeding; or

(d) Reuse instruments or equipment intended for single use.

(3) A health officer may investigate complaints received regarding compliance with this section.

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This page is to prepare you for the experience you are about to have; How to keep you informed of the laws and regulations governing this service. It's very important, when giving consent, that we all understand what we are consenting to and have ample time to ask questions. NEVER is it the wish, want, or desire, of your service industry provider, to abuse you or take advantage of this working relationship. Our desires are to work with you and fulfill a potent need that we see our talents/gifts, being utilized for; This can only be done if all parties understand and appreciate not only the laws of the land, but the limitations we all have in being human. Please inform yourself and feel free to ask any and all questions of your service provider. We are here to serve.

To view the "BTPAS Tattoo Release Form", click the button below.

It's important you know what you are doing when getting a tattoo...


I came from the hair world and am an artist; I have indulged many things for beauty's sake. They mean it when they say, "Pain is Beauty" and what's more is that the "pain" of a tattoo isn't the only hurdle when "they" say this. 

For more information about what tattooing is and how it affects the body, please click on this image here and watch a short video. (Give it a "like" too as it's a lovely animation that shares much.)  

I don't get to tell you what is okay for you and I need you to know the risks you take as I can only work within the knowledge I have. However, please note that I'm tattooed and the risks that you'd be taking are risks that I'm taking too. If nothing else, we'll all be in the same boat together. :)

God Bless!

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