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A step beyond the expected...

Founded in June of 2020, Beyond the Pale Art Studio is a private studio that seeks to offer a personal connection; Not only in the service, but in the designing of custom artwork (whether that be tattoo or commissioned art.)


This studio is dedicated to meeting each client's comfort. High standards for cleanliness are practiced daily.  


Resident artist, Amy C Nicholls, is a tattoo artist who holds a tattoo license for Rhode Island (as Maryland is an unlicensed state.) She also maintains a certification in

Blood-borne Pathogens (renewed yearly.) Having a continued practice in tattooing for more than a decade, Amy hopes to offer her clients a unique, calming, environment

Beyond the Pale Art Studio is located in Sykesville, MD. Follow the studio on Instagram to stay up to date with current events: @beyondthepaleartstudio.


As travel is a part of any artist's life, please look for travel dates (Amy tries to travel with work and do guest visits). You may also inquire about possible travel. The more incentive, the more the movement; To inquire, please email at:

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